Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Kickoff

 We actually started decorating for Christmas a little early this year.  Between the cold snap and the fact that we'd already had our family dinner, we were all feeling festive.

 Thanksgiving morning Alice helped me make a cake.  Then I didn't take any more pictures while we were out!  We went to my grandma's for a bit and then over to Jay's sister's house.

 I did take this one of the kids after we got home!

 Today we all went to see Frozen together!

We've also been working on our ornaments for the yearly ornament exchange.  Jack's ornaments are from Roxaboxen and Alice's are from Katy No-Pocket.

We're supposed to get some winter weather this week so I'm planning to stay home and enjoy it as much as possible!

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Rachel Hough said...

LOVE the Leah the Lizards decor!