Friday, December 20, 2013

The Last Road Trip of the Year!

 I'm still not ready for Christmas and my house is a complete wreck and there was an ice storm warning for tonight, so clearly it was time to take one more road trip.

 When we left the house it was 42* and by the time we arrived, things were getting colder.

 We got to make another trip to the Water Zoo!

 We were excited that this time Alice was just tall enough to do the big slides!

 The basketball pool is the warmest one, so we spent a lot of time in there.

 Checking out the wave pool.  I still have that rocking sensation now!

 If you can't tell from the expression on Alice's face, she doesn't like the "lazy" part of the Lazy River.  She was determined to come in first.

 I'm not sure what happened here.

 We stayed for about five and a half hours.

It took us an extra hour to get home.  Our wipers and mirrors were completely iced over but at least we made it home before the roads closed!

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