Friday, May 2, 2014

Alice's Musical Festival

 Last year the Norman Music Festival made a big impression on my kids.  They were excited to go back this year, but due to the combination of the OCHEC convention and possible bad weather, we didn't go.  Since we missed out then, Alice decided she was going to host her own musical festival at home tonight!

 She was ready for people to sign in!

 We had dinner outside--brats and hot dogs and Doritos.  Not the healthiest meal, but after almost two weeks of constant going it did my heart good to relax outside and just enjoy.

 Jack was in charge of the games.

 He brought down some of the games he and Jay made at Lowe's and even made little prize cards.

 Making music--Jack said their band should be called No Direction.

 We also had some art...

 ...and general goofiness.

 We wrapped the evening up with some baseball.

When Alice starts to run the bases she always gets to the shed (first base) and then starts squealing and running around wildly.  It cracks me up every time.

We had a great evening and I'm pretty sure she's going to start planning lots more festivals for us!

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