Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cinco de Mayo

 Cinco de Mayo isn't until Monday, but we went to a Cinco de Mayo festival downtown today.

 We ate at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants and Alice got to wear the dress she got in San Antonio last month.  Several people commented on it, which she liked.

 They had a mariachi band playing!

 We walked around and looked at some of the shops and stopped for some chocolate.

 We also found a book at the book store, so Jack sat and read while we waited for the chihuahua contest to start.

 Every half hour they had a contest for a different category.

 This dog won best costume!

The signs said they were going to have some kids' activities, but the person who was in charge of that didn't come.  When Jack asked about them, though, the lady at Your Design was nice enough to set up some art things for them inside!

We had a great time and left before it got too hot, so it was a win!

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