Wednesday, May 14, 2014


 Last Friday Jay and I went to OKC for our anniversary.  Our hotel room looked out on the ballpark and unlike the last time we stayed there, there was actually a game.  Baseball games don't take as long as I thought they did (or dinner took longer than I realized) so we saw the fireworks show on the way back.

 Here's the view the next morning!  I really like staying in Bricktown because you can just walk to dinner or whatever you're going to.  I hate driving around downtown areas!

 We spent some time shopping Saturday afternoon and then headed back to town.  We spent our actual anniversary eating frozen pizza and watching Tarzan with the kids.

 I don't cook on Mother's Day, so I took the kids to McDonald's for breakfast Sunday morning.

 I tried to get a decent picture with the kids, but I was laughing too hard.

 One of Alice's gifts was a book about Indians she made for me.

Jack got me the first season of Elementary and Jay got me the final season of The Practice.  (A bit of Jen Trivia for you:  Our wedding vows were taken directly from an episode of The Practice called Life Sentence.)

It was a great weekend!

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