Saturday, October 11, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up (10/11)

 This week was a busy one!  We started off with the excitement of getting to check out the new series of minifigures.  They weren't on the shelves, so Jack asked if they could check the back.  They did, and he was very excited when they brought them out!

 Tuesday we went to the pumpkin patch, because nothing says "Pumpkin Patch!" like a 93 degree October day.

 Love this boy!

 Leah shed her skin this week and I caught her little skin glove before she ate it.  I thought this was really, really funny.

 And of course, we've been spending lots of time with Hobo.  He went to a little training session Wednesday and hopefully we can get him started in classes soon.

 Alice has been working hard on her letters--you can read more here.

 PE is back in full swing for Jack--just one more year until Alice will be old enough!

 Alice was excited to learn how to make paper cups this week!  (Picture from dinner Thursday evening after we went to the vet to pick up my mom and dad's cat.)

 Friday was swimming...

 ...and skating.  And a lot of rain.  Also, I got to go hear Todd Wilson speak.

Today was much more low key.  Alice and I ran some errands and then came home to have chili and watch the game.  We needed a down day because next week we've got lots of fun planned!

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