Monday, October 27, 2014

Out West (Day 2)

 We started the second day of our trip early.  Jack made himself waffles at the hotel.

 Our first stop was the Heartland of America Museum in Weatherford.

 They have all kinds of neat things there!

 There are lots of displays like you would find at most historical museums, but they did a really good job of providing lots of information on the different items.

 Outside the main building they have several other smaller buildings.

 Elvis stopped at this Porterhouse Diner three different times.

 Jack sat in every seat so he could make sure he sat in the same spot as Elvis!

 They also had a one room schoolhouse.


 After that, we went to the Stafford Air & Space Museum.

 We saw a model of one of Louis Bleriot's planes, which we read about in The Glorious Flight.

 The kids with a big rocket thing--I have its name in my notes somewhere!

 Working at a real control center from the Johnson Space Center.

 It always cracks me up when she sticks her hands out the face hole!

 We stopped at Lucille's for lunch.

 The decor is fun to look at and there are games to play while you wait.

 This was so crazy good!

 On our way home, we stopped by Pumpkinville.

 They had some of the same things the kids enjoyed last year...

 ...and they had some new things, too!

There were all kinds of cool spaces all over the garden!

We ended up getting home at dinner time, 494.7 miles later.  We had a good time, but we were exhausted!

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Danielle Huddleston said...

You guys are road warriors! I keep meaning to go out to western OK but have just not done it yet!