Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Racing Thoughts

 For some reason, my kids love roller skating.  They think it is absolutely amazing.  The last time we went, Alice decided she was going to enter the races for the first time.  She and the other girl they paired her with had trouble keeping their balance while waiting to begin, so we knew it was going to be interesting.

 And then they said, "GO!"  And nothing happened.  They said it a couple of times and finally the girls took off.

 These pictures make it look like they were going much, much faster than they really were.

 I'm just not a very good action photographer.

 Alice actually won her heat!

 Jack made a good showing in his race, too.  Sometimes I worry about his internal motivation (and having spent six years of my life with fifth grade boys, I know this is a common worry!), but watching him skate has given me the confidence that if he really wants to improve at something, he will work at it.  It's amazing how much progress he's made since the first time he put on a pair of skates.  If only he really wanted to improve at handwriting or geography! Haha!

I also love what he told me before he went out to race:  I try it because I don't want to have any regrets.  I'm glad he's willing to give it a go, just to see what he can do.  I hope he keeps that attitude for a long time.*

*Unless it involves some crazy girlfriend or bungee jumping or something like that.  I have my limits, you know.

And I'm proud of Alice for trying something new.  By the end, she and her competitor were skating hand in hand and laughing.  She told me:  I just go up to someone and say, "Do you want to be friends?" and then we play.

So don't worry too much about these sheltered homeschool kids.  They're figuring it all out at the skating rink.

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