Friday, October 24, 2014

Out West (Day 1)

 Wednesday morning we left around 6:30 for a big drive out west.

 We hit I-40 and went to Elk City.

 We visited the National Route 66 Museum.

 Tracing the big Route 66 map...

 ...and there we were!

 In addition to Route 66 stuff, there is also an Old Town Museum.  My kids could probably become tour guides at a place like this after visiting so many!

 One thing that was unique was the rodeo area.  After seeing this, Jack said he finally understood why some people were so scared of clowns!

 A rare quiet moment!

 Driving practice!

 Look out!

 The kids enjoyed watching some trailers at the little drive in.

 We got lunch and went to a nice park across the street from the museum.

 I have no idea why they both still gravitate toward the baby swings.  Alice likes to stand up and try to run and Jack likes to perch on top.

 Next we started back east to Clinton to visit the Route 66 Museum.

 This museum has lots of cool interactive features like this Oregon Trail-type game.

 We met Laurel when we visited Afton Station a couple of years ago and we saw her picture in the museum!  (You can see her post about when we visited here.)

 For dinner we stopped at The Brick on Sixty-Six after a friend recommended it.  (If you visit, it is not in the same building pictured on the link.  I don't have a picture of the outside because it was raining like crazy!)

It was delicious!

More to come on Day 2 of our trip soon!

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