Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sounds Our Body Makes

 Yesterday we put another 188.2 miles on the car for our road trip to Stillwater.

 We went to the Wondertorium for their homeschool class called Sounds Our Body Makes.

 Of course a class like that is going to cause some funny expressions!

 They really did learn quite a bit about the digestive system!  They started with a cracker in their mouths (a plastic baggie) and then chewed by pounding the cracker with a block.

 They added some saliva (water),

 and then some acid (vinegar) as the food moved into the stomach.

 They put the food into small tubes to represent the small intestine.

 Since things dry out in the large intestine, they gave them some water to suck up with the straw to help them remember this step.

 They also did a gas experiment!

 And of course they had fun playing with the regular exhibits.

 They also had some exchange students there and the kids were able to see what their names look like in Japanese.

We had a great time!  If you haven't been to the Wondertorium before, I highly recommend it!

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