Saturday, November 15, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up (11/15)

 This has been a pretty good week!  (Picture from breakfast Sunday morning at McDonald's.)

 The weather was beautiful at the beginning of the week.  Monday it got up to 80!

 We spent a lot of time running errands while the weather was nice--groceries, new tires, etc.  (Picture from the tire shop while we waited)

 Since it was so warm, we stopped by CherryBerry before dance!

 By Tuesday morning it was getting cold!

 Wednesday was our trip to the Wondertorium--and lunch at Eskimo Joe's.

 During the chilly weather this week we discovered it's much warmer in the shed (where Hobo sleeps), so we have been doing our read aloud out there each morning when we go get him out of the kennel.

 Friday was the last day of the little co-op we've been doing with some other families.  At the end of each session they bring something they have made that goes along with a certain theme.  Here Alice is telling about the Christmas tree she made out of felt.  We have had such a good time with this group this semester!

 Friday night was Books to Treasure!  This year the author was Philip C. Stead.

 Today we've been taking it pretty easy.  Tonight we'll have our Thanksgiving dinner at home and get ready for the cold weather--and maybe even SNOW!--coming our way tomorrow!

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