Saturday, November 1, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up (11/1)

 This week was a lot of Halloween!

 Monday night we went to Bass Pro and the kids made owls and got their picture taken.

 They also tried the shooting gallery.  Let's all hope we don't have to depend on these two to hunt our food.

 We've been studying different North American tribes, so we made hominy when we learned about the Seminole--more on this later because it was a (surprisingly) BIG hit!

 Wednesday night we put on The Haunted Mansion and carved pumpkins.

 Not sure about this look...

 A cyclops and a witch!

 We also had Halloween cake!

 Thursday night our local Chili's had a Halloween family night, so the kids dressed up and we ate out.

 Friday morning we went to IHOP for free scary face pancakes!

 Then we went out to Shepherd's Cross for their Pumpkin Festival.

 It was so windy and cold, but the kids didn't care!

 They played out in the hay maze forever!

 By the afternoon, the wind died down and it felt pretty nice.  We came home for a bit before trick or treating and I got this cute shot of the kids relaxing while I was walking the dog.

Today we went to a fun event at a local college--more on this later, too!

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