Saturday, November 29, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up (11/29)

 (This one should probably be called The Thumbs Up Edition.)
I'm not sure exactly how we started our week, but it must have been pretty low key, because the first picture I have is from Tuesday when we went to pick our ornaments and have Dippin Dots.

 Each year we pick one new ornament (which makes finding a free spot on the tree a little tougher every year).  These are this year's picks--Jay, Jen, Jack, and Alice.  I'm tied in to the Twelve Days of Christmas series for a while longer.

 Wednesday we made the spice cake recipe from Goody O'Grumpity, which Alice used for school.  (Homeschool Share has a free unit study!)

 I'm not sure if our cooking skills were poor or if pilgrim cake was really that bad.  It should have been called Plymouth Rock cake, because that's about what it looked like.

 Wednesday night we had a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving dinner while we watched the show.

 Accompanied by a turkey cheese and meat plate for some less carby options!

 Alice was very excited for Thanksgiving!

 Playing games with cousins

 Everyone around the table!

 Thursday night Jay took the kids to see my grandma, who just got out of the hospital after three weeks.  Since I've had a cold for the last month, I went and got our Christmas decorations out of the storage unit while they did that.

 Our tree!

 Friday the kids got to go up in the cherry picker my dad rented.  They loved it!

Today Alice tied a shoe for the first time!  Otherwise it was pretty relaxed around here!

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