Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas!

 When we went to bed late Christmas Eve, everything looked perfect!

 The kids were up around 6:45 Christmas morning, but I made them hang out in Alice's room while Jay finished getting ready and I went to feed the dog.  Then it was time to get started!

 Alice had told Santa she wanted a bobblehead, and the only one he could find that he thought she would recognize was George Washington.  She recognized him, but wondered why Santa gave it to her because she asked for a bobblehead.  When we told her that was a bobblehead, she said she meant one of those blow up people you can punch and they pop back up.  I guess next year she's going to need to draw Santa a picture to make sure he understands.

 She also asked Santa for a beanbag chair.  He understood that one correctly.

 Jack asked Santa for the TMNT ball things you see.  It ended up being a very TMNT-themed day!

 Jack gave Alice some Legos.

 The kids got Full House on DVD, which thrilled them!

 Jay got some TMNT figures from the kids.

From me, he got this book.  From him, I got this book.  We apparently have been together long enough that we are starting to share a brain.

 Alice with her first DS.  She is so excited to finally have something like this.  I'm not sure she can actually do much with it yet, but that hasn't made it any less exciting.

 Jack got some vintage TMNT figures...

 ...and a few others to go with them.  I'm probably not explaining this completely right, but these are three different lines of the characters that have come out over the years.  He was so excited!

 Alice got the sewing and dance studio for her American Girl doll.  I am not going to lie.  I'm really looking forward to playing with this, with or without Alice.

 Just like last year, I managed to send one of Alice's gifts for our house to the grandparents' house.  When we got there she opened this Build a Bear from Jack.

 Game time!

 Jack and Penny

 In the evening we went to my mom and dad's.

 Dad with his Simpsons shirt from the kids!

 Jack was so excited to get this vintage TMNT figure from my sister!

 Showing Grandpa how to take pictures with his DS.

It was a great--and long--day!  We are trying to reclaim the house now and rest up!  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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