Sunday, December 7, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up (12/6)

 This post is a little late because last week was very full--right up to the very end!  We started Monday morning with new Lego Advent calendars.

 We also worked on our FIAR ornaments--I'll have to post a picture soon, but this will give you a hint!

 Tuesday we painted Christmas decorations for my grandma.

 We also made some hardtack since Jack is learning about explorers.  The point was to show them what plain, boring food you would have to eat on ship, but they both loved it!

 Wednesday we went to the Festival of Trees at Philbrook.

 Jack's favorite tree had shrinky-dinks--including one of his favorite art pieces!

 Alice liked the dog tree the best.

 Alice also got to go to her first art class on her own.  For years she has begged to go to a class like Jack, and it was finally her turn!  I was a little worried because the class was fairly large and the teacher had laryngitis and I could imagine Alice wandering off, but it all went well.

 In fact, when we went to pick her up, she was chatting with a new friend!

 Jack with Acer, one of the museum cats.

 Hanging out in the gardens!

 After class we went to see the Nutcracker scenes at Utica Square.

 Thursday was busy with appointments and errands and then Friday we were up bright (actually, it never got bright!) and early to head to OKC for Jack's zoo class.

 We spent some time in the zoo after his class was over.

 Cool days are usually the best times to see the animals!

 We got to see the new baby rhino, too.

 We also spent some time at the science museum.

 Saturday night my friend Rachel and I got to go out!

We got to hear Ann Voskamp speak and hear Ellie Holcomb sing.  It was great!

I think this week is going to be pretty crazy, too, but if we can make it through Saturday we should finally get some down time!

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