Saturday, December 20, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up (12/20)

 It was another full week!  (These two said they were full of safety.)

 Sunday night we had Jay's office party at the bowling alley where we went on our first date.

 My kids have some smooth bowling moves.

 Their favorite thing was getting a bunch of tickets at the arcade, though.

 We did some Christmas school this week.

 And we watched (or fell asleep during) Christmas shows.

 Wednesday afternoon we headed back to Philbrook for Jack's art class.

 Wednesday night Jack had a party at church so Alice and I went to CherryBerry.  And then, as she tells it, we had to wait in the hall for 100 hours while the kids finished their Dirty Santa game.

 We started a new art project this week!

The boys!
Friday morning we saw that there were still angels that needed gifts, so we went to pick two out, ran to the store and bought stuff, and went right back to the Salvation Army.  Next year I need to do it that way--just not at the last minute!

 In the afternoon we went to the Tulsa Air and Space Museum to use our free tickets from the summer reading program.

 The kids got to check out the MD-80, which they thought was cool.

 Trying out a simulator


 Alice saw this picture of Amelia Earhart and got very interested in her so we had to stop by the library and get a couple of books.  Alice has some theories on what might have happened to her.

 Then we made a quick stop at the cupcake shop to try the new holiday flavors before swimming!

This morning we went to Pizza with Santa and then I spent six hours shopping in the craziest traffic and crowds I've ever seen!  Hopefully we are just about finished!

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