Saturday, December 13, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up (12/13/14)

 This week just about ate my lunch, but it started off pretty well.  Sunday Jay and I went to see Interstellar, which is really great.  We got there early and practiced taking some selfies.   I hope our kids enjoy these awkward photos of us, because this is what 90% of pictures of the two of us look like.  Hopefully they remember us as a little less awkward in real life.

Monday we got to stay home most of the day.  We made cloud dough--I will try to post more on that soon!
 Monday evening Alice had a dance performance.

 They danced to Do You Want to Build a Snowman from Frozen.

 Tuesday we went to see Santa.

 Carousel rides!

 Wednesday morning we went on a trip to the Sallisaw area.

 We left crazy early, but it was pretty out!

 Our first stop was the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge.

 It was only in the 30s, so we just did the mile trail.

 It's hard to see in the pictures, but there was a branch that had fallen and gotten caught in another tree so it was just hanging in the air and the kids thought it was funny to make it look like they could hold it up with a finger.

 Next we went to Sequoyah's Cabin.

 This is his cabin in its original position.  They built another building around it to preserve it.

 Our last stop was the 14 Flags Museum.

I was so tired Wednesday evening from getting up so early and I was looking forward to going to bed early, but at 9:30 we got a call that someone wanted to see the house the next morning.  I got a little over three hours of sleep, but we made it look great!

 Thursday after PE we went to the historical society museum to look at the Christmas trees.

 Friday was Jack's favorite: skating!  Most of my pictures of him are blurry because he doesn't stop moving.

 Alice won the limbo contest!

 Friday night the kids' swimming lessons also resumed.

 They were both happy about this, and I am, too!

By 8:00 last night, Alice had fallen asleep on the bathroom floor where we were reading by the heater.  It was just that kind of a week!

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