Sunday, May 7, 2017

Exploring Insects

 Thursday we went to Exploring Insects, a program put on by the Tulsa Master Gardeners.

 There were lots of fun stations (23, to be exact) where the kids could try out an activity and learn something new.

 At this station we learned that the ink in certain pens puts out a smell that the termites will follow, so if you draw a track, they'll follow it all the way around!

 Yes, that's what it says.


 They crawled around in the paint and made a nice little picture.

 At this station the kids had to pretend like they were dung beetles!

 There were lots of creepy-crawlies for them to touch!

 Not all of the stations were gross, though!

 Alice was learning what a butterfly's wings sound like.

 Dancing like bees!

 Cockroach races!

 There was a station where you could eat a mealworm.  I was pretty sure Jack would do it since he has done it before.  He popped it right in!

 Alice had good intentions but she just couldn't make it happen!

We had a great time!

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