Tuesday, May 30, 2017

School's Out, Zoo's In!

Saturday we went to Oklahoma City for a sleepover at the zoo!
Before the zoo, we stopped by the Pops in Nichols Hills.
It's not as big as the Arcadia location, but it's still nice.
And it was a great place to stop for a cool treat!
We walked all over the zoo and it was so hot and muggy!
This orangutan was done.  It's pretty much how I felt.
The otters are always fun to watch and they were putting on a show for us!
Time for the sleepover!
First there was a session on nocturnal animals.

Then we had a night hike!

There was quite a bit of lightning, so we had to wait for a bit in the snake house!
After a seemingly long but actually short and very cold night filled with the sounds of people turning on air mattresses and me talking a sleepwalking Alice into lying back down, it was time to rise and shine!
We stopped by the otters again on the morning hike.
Jack spotted another creature trying to see the lions!
We had a great time!

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