Thursday, May 4, 2017

Food Showdown 2017

We're in the super busy time of year for 4-H!  This week was the Food Showdown!
They had a little time to visit before they got started.
Discussing the competition?
We told them to pretend to cook something and this is what they came up with!
Then it was time to start for real...
They are given several basic ingredients they have to use.  This year it was chicken (already cooked, since the junior teams don't actually cook anything) and some vegetables.

They made a barbecue chicken sandwich with a salad.
Their finished meal!
The judges came around to try the meals and discuss with each team.
While they were doing that, the younger sisters were playing.  We made matching aprons for their American Girl dolls!
They got to learn about decorating cookies, too!

Alice's finished cookie!
Their team didn't win, but they had a tasty meal (we tried it!) and they had a good time!
(Getting their team photo taken!)

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