Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Pet & Critter Show

 Last week was our 4H club's annual Pet & Critter Show.  The kids on the committee got together beforehand to plan the show and decide on prizes.

 They also got to go shopping for prizes!

 Now Alice wants a bunny!

 Jack got to announce the Cloverbuds categories.

 Alice brought what we thought were tadpoles, but turned out to be fish.  They're still alive on our porch!

 She also had a rabbit for Most Realistic Stuffed Animal and a dragonfly for Most Unusual Stuffed Animal.

 Checking out a skink!

 All the Cloverbuds who entered the pet show

 For snacks, we brought puppy chow and water bowls--blue jello.
 Jack entered his fish in the nature category.

 The skink again!

 He entered a hummingbird for Most Realistic Stuffed Animal and won!

 He also won for Most Unusual Stuffed Animal with the creature Alice created by sewing two animals together and repositioning their limbs.

It was lots of fun!

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