Saturday, August 9, 2008

Party Time

Today Jack went to his friend Kira's 5th birthday party. Her party had a bug and butterfly theme, so Jack decorated her bag all by himself. With every sticker in the pack, of course.
Jack loves Little Gym parties. This morning (at about 6:45) he was telling me about all the stuff he was going to do--especially the balance beam.

I think Jack has sat in this same spot for cake at every party he has attended there.
Boris loved the balloon Jack brought home. As long as we kept it in Jack's bedroom it was just low enough for him to grab it and run away. He never mastered keeping his mouth shut, though, so the farthest he was ever able to take it was the hall.
Jack and Grandpa took the bug container he got as a party favor and went to the creek. They managed to catch some little bugs and a big grasshopper, which we let go in the yard before bed tonight.

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