Sunday, August 3, 2008


I haven't posted much lately because I've been spending most of my time planning--units, vacation, how to renew my teaching and driver's stuff like that.

This weekend Jay's parents came down to go to the zoo, and while everyone else traipsed around in the heat, I stayed home and printed stuff until I ran out of paper. Seriously.

As he will tell anyone who makes eye contact with him, Jack has "gone crazy about outer space," so that's what we're starting with. This is one of several piles of space books around the house. More are on the way.

My Rainbow Resource order came a couple of weeks ago and I have been letting Jack play around with a few of the things we'll be using. Tonight he got out the Funtastic Frogs. They were a hit, although he was more interested in playing Frognapper than anything else.

On the vacation front, we are going to Omaha at the end of the month. I am the kind of person who finds this pretty exciting, so I have our time pretty well planned out. More on that later...

And in the world of license renewal, I was excited to find that my teaching certificate is good until 2010 instead of 2009. That gives me an extra year to figure out what I need to take in order to renew it. My driver's license, however, does expire in 2009, so if I want to vote or drive I am going to have to become an official Oklahoma resident.

This week we have several outings planned, so hopefully I will update a little more frequently!

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Heather said...

A couple of weeks ago? Seriously? I thought it was a couple of weeks ago that you actually finally made that order!!

I am sooo jealous!! Stuff just keeps breaking at our house. Or certain masters thesis bound printed copies cost the same as my next RR order...I'm not sure what divine lesson I am do learn, but I've been waiting two months to make an order!

Heather W