Wednesday, December 17, 2008

10 Nice Things

I think my last post made Jay a little nervous that he was coming off as mean or something for not thinking I could fit in my dress. This was totally not my intention since I was the crazy one and he was very nice about the whole thing. In fact, he is a very nice guy. For your consideration, ten random nice things he's done for me over the last fourteen and a half years:
  1. The first semester of college he made the two hour drive home to see me every single weekend.
  2. He indulges my love of 80s TV shows and has gotten me the entire series of The Golden Girls, as well as eight seasons of Murder, She Wrote, which he can't stand.
  3. The first Christmas we were married, he bought me a digital camera, which was a very big deal back then. When I broke it the next summer, he didn't get mad at me.
  4. He bought us five acres of land in our hometown.
  5. The second Christmas we were married, he got me a cat. Actually, he let me get two. And when one became horribly ill, he got up early, stayed up late, rearranged his work schedule, researched medicines, gave shots, pushed pills, and rubbed creams for four long months until he was in the clear.
  6. For the last three weeks he has rubbed Icy Hot on my back every night without complaint.
  7. When I had my first real job he made a four hour round trip in one afternoon/evening to go to my first faculty party with me.
  8. When I was transferring to OU my mom had taken a day off work to drive me down so I could enroll. Somehow, I didn't bring my license, and they wouldn't let me enroll without it. Jay talked an adviser who had nothing to do with me into enrolling me anyway.
  9. The first Christmas we were together I was telling him about this cute cat pin I saw at the store. A couple of days later I took him by to show him, and it was gone and I was disappointed. Guess what I unwrapped on Christmas morning.
  10. The week before we got married I found this great antique bed. I called him and told him about it and he said not to buy it. I bought it anyway, and he very nicely put it together without griping at me, even though it was hard to assemble and took quite a while. He has reassembled it in two more apartments and one house (and he is pretty quick at it now) and he even bought me dressers and nightstands to match.
So there you have it. He's a good man.

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Julie said...

I had no reason to doubt what a nice guy Jay is, but thanks for sharing anyway.