Monday, December 22, 2008


Pictures are back! I *think* I have figured out how to work with pictures on our new computer set-up. For some reason, though, I have forgotten how to work with them on Blogger, so for a while they may be oddly placed.

Each year we have our own little Christmas here at our house on the day closest to Christmas when Jay doesn't have to work. That means that this year, Jack got to have Christmas four days early. Poor kid. It just killed him to have to go ahead and open his presents.

The top picture is Jack on "Christmas Eve." He was extremely excited about Santa coming and told me he thought he might not be able to sleep. He asked for some Star Wars figures, a gun (that shoots puffy balls), and Planet Heroes. It seems the days of the yellow pencil are gone.

Jack was extremely excited to get the original Pluto.

He also got a Scooby Doo game and some Legos, but they weren't nearly as exciting.

There were also some presents under the tree for me and Jay. I got Jay a Star Trek shirt and the new Dido CD; Jack got him a set of mechanical pencils. For me, Jay got season two of Magnum PI and season three of Perry Mason. Jay and Jack went together and got me a gift certificate for a massage, or as Jack calls it, special pettings. I have been dying to lie on my stomach, so I was excited to get this!

Now we have just a few days to recuperate and then we're on to Christmas with our families!

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Angela said...

Oh Perry Mason ~ I remember watching Perry when before I would go for half day kindergarten. Wow we are old and Perry is downright ancient!! I would LOVE some special pettings!