Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bubble Bath Day

Did you know that today is National Bubble Bath Day? I didn't either, until I read it on Dawn's blog the other day. Jack is celebrating a little early this evening since we are going out to watch the game. He got some new Transformers bubble bath today at the store.

It makes some good bubble beards!


Quin's momma said...

I always wanted to be able to be the cool mom who let her kid(s) take bubble baths. Alas, I cannot allow Quinlynne to have bubble baths. She gets UTIs easily, and the one time she did get a bubble bath, we were in the ER a day or so later. Dang it!

Also- it's good to know you're a sister of the "Women in their 30s for Stoops" club!!!

Jennifer said...

I didn't even know their was a national bubble bath day! FUN!

Angela said...

I didn't realize how much he looked like you until the bottom picture! I can't believe I missed National Bubble Bath Day :( I so would have participated! ME not the kids...ha!

Angela said...

Hey just thought you might want to know....National Squirrel Appreciation day is the 21st...sounded appropriate with all the squirrely posts! lol