Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice Painting

On one of our several days stuck in the house, we tried ice painting. I saw this idea on No Time for Flashcards and thought it looked great for an icy day (or a hot one, too). First, put paint in an ice cube tray. I just used plain old tempera paint--the kind you can get in a big bottle really cheap at Hobby Lobby. Fill the tray with water and freeze.

The next morning, the paint cubes looked like this. I took them out and let them melt for a few minutes before we started painting.

I did think that Jack might not like holding the ice, but he really enjoyed it. At first, most of the paint came out looking like watercolors, but as more of the ice was melted away, the colors were bolder.

This painting of Santa and his reindeer was Jack's favorite.


Julie said...


Sara said...

That's really cool - did you do about half & half paint/water?

Julie said...

give me some advice about home schooling, where did you start

Amber said...

That is a great idea!