Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pond Field Trips

As I mentioned earlier, everyone seems to be going on field trips now, and we are definitely not the exception. Last week went to the local natural history museum. They happened to have a new display on pond life and how scientists go about researching it. The research part was way over Jack's head, but he liked the light-up fish jars!

We found another pond life display upstairs.

The Discovery Room had plenty of real live pond animals! Jack was a little nervous about the snake. It had just shed its skin and it looked a little creepy.

This week we went to the zoo and saw many examples of Oklahoma pond and river animals!

We enjoyed watching the otter swim around and around. I mentioned to Jack that one time Jay and I had spent a long time watching the otters at the Omaha zoo and he wanted to know what he had thought of it. When I said that he wasn't born yet he gave me a funny look and asked what we were doing at the zoo if we didn't have a kid.

A few fish from the big tank

We finished up our trip by feeding the ducks, geese, and catfish in the zoo pond!

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