Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Look at all the bug books I found at the used book store Monday! And guess what we're learning about this week and next!

The great used book store we will be near is just one more reason I am glad to be moving home. Monday I took in three bags of books and got $96 in trade credit! I only checked out the children's area, but I found plenty in there. It was like my book twin had just cleaned out her shelves!

I found Play With Me, a Before FIAR book, for only $1. Roxaboxen, a FIAR book, was just $2--and it was an English copy, not the Spanish copy I have grabbed the last several times, which always disappointed me.

I found several more good nonfiction books. Jack just mentioned learning about animal tracks the other day, so I lucked out!

I also found some Lois Ehlert and Denise Fleming books in great condition.

A few more favorite authors and illustrators we happened across.

I still have more than $30 of credit left (they divide the credit by the types of books you bring) and I have a ton of children's books to go through in the attic, so I am excited to go back and see what we'll end up with. In the mean time, I think I may skip the Scholastic sale!

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