Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pond Life

We have been learning about pond life for the last two weeks. Above are just a few of the books we used.

I found the board book version of Little White Duck at the museum for a lot cheaper than I had seen it on Amazon. I found the felt board patterns at Making Learning Fun.

I just happened upon this book at the library. It had an easy idea for making dragonfly prints.

We also added this cute dragonfly puppet (from Let's Explore) to our collection.

We made some pond books of our own (from Mailbox magazine). Jack really got into the "Let's Peek in the Pond" one and added some of his own ideas.

We read about beavers and used this page about building dams from the Evan-Moor Giant Science Resource Book.

We also made our own beaver dam snack!

Left: A fish page from the Evan-Moor book
Right: A duck print made with potatoes and carrots

I got the idea for this pond collage from Mailbox. Jack wasn't too sure about getting his fingers covered with glue so he worked really slowly, but he eventually got it all covered!

Left: Turtle life cycle page from Evan-Moor
Right: Sink or Float experiment page

Checking to see if the Larrymobile sinks or floats

We used stickers to make a booklet about the life cycle of a frog (from Mailbox). We also played with the cool life cycle models I ordered from Oriental Trading Company.

The Mailbox also had this idea for making a tadpole...

...that changes into a frog.

We are working on counting to one hundred. Jack has the pattern down between the 10s, so now we're working on those numbers.

Next up: Some pond life pictures from the zoo and the museum!

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