Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Monday morning we went by the house to see the slab. Just as we drove up, we got to see them put up the first wall! It will be on the south side of the house, which will be where the school room (to the left side) and the living room (to the right side) will be.

I was going to wait until today to go by again, but of course that didn't happen. When we went by yesterday, this was the front view.

This is the north side of the house.

I'm not planning on going back again until after the baby is born, so we made one more stop this morning, even though it was raining. Jack is standing in the entry. Behind him to the right is the entry into the living room.

The south and west walls of the living room--closed in!

This is my laundry room window.

Part of the garage.

Jay will be making more trips to see the progress and the builder said he would send pictures, too, but I am sure I will be surprised the next time I get to see it in person!

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