Sunday, July 26, 2009

Alice's New Bed

We're not really a crib family. That freaks some people out, which I can sort of understand since everyone has their "freak out" things about raising children--mine are bodies of water and motorized vehicles. We are an "everyone needs sleep" family, and for us, this is how we can all get some sleep.

When Alice was born, I was planning to put her in the pack and play. You can see how that turned out. It looks like it's holding some laundry in this shot.

When we finally took it down last week, this is what it contained: diapers, a sling, dolls, socks, toys, etc. Handy.

We have a history of this. If you look to the left, you can see the co-sleeper we got for Jack. It was handy for holding my cell phone, books, and as a butt-ledge so I could scoot over further. It rarely held a baby.

When I was pregnant with Alice, my sister asked if we wanted to borrow their old crib. I asked Jay if he wanted to and he gave me a look like I was nuts. "Where did Jack sleep? Where do you think this baby is going to sleep?"

So we didn't take the crib. Alice and I slept on the futon and at some point in the night, Jack would usually wake up and come in and lie down at the foot of the futon. And of course Boris was in there, too, somewhere. Jay was spread out in bliss in our bed, all alone.

Since the house is going on the market this week, Alice and I have moved into the master bedroom and Jay will likely seek refuge on the futon. (Boris is now sleeping at Grandma and Grandpa's house.)

Here was the scene this morning. How are these kids going to survive going to college and having to sleep in twin beds?


Michele said...

I say whatever works, Jen! We did use a crib for both boys and Justin calls it a prison! I guess when you are looking through those bars it seems that way!

Judy Ford said...

We were totally a bed family, it wasn't that I was "anti-crib", but breastfeeding was just so much easier when they were sleeping with me. Both kids slept with us til around the end of 3rd grade and every now and then my daughter, 10, joins us. It's not like I don't want them in my bed, somehow it just gradually stopped happening...I'm not sure the point of my story... but I'm totally with you on the everyone sleeps...

Denise said...

Whatever works for you!

MichelleTN said...

We are a bed family too. When ds1 was born and he started sleeping with us somebody told me I was doing the wrong thing and it was bad for him. I asked our ped. and he said "family bed is normal where I come from. It is not bad"