Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thank You(s)

Last weekend my friends Brandy and Brenda hosted an awesome baby shower for Alice. Isn't the cake gorgeous? And it was coordinated with the invitations and everything. I would show you more pictures, but I don't have any and my mom doesn't know how to send me all the ones she took. So trust me when I tell you that many wonderful people were there and I had such a great time seeing everyone and Alice got all sorts of terrific gifts. Thank you so much to everyone! (You will be getting an actual thank-you note, but at the rate I am going the last few days, you may have to think a minute what it's for by the time it arrives in your mailbox.)

(And if you came to Jack's party, thanks again, and you, too, will be getting an actual thank-you note. As soon as I have them printed. Which will be when I finish Alice's baby announcements. You know, since no one knows we had a baby.)

1 comment:

Ethel said...

How R U going to top Jack's birth anouncement?