Friday, July 10, 2009

Five Weeks Later

A baby seems a little easier the second time around. Who knew?

A little progress report based on a previous post:

10. Wearing shoes that are not flip flops. This rarely happens in the summer even if I'm not pregnant, but at least I will have a choice. I'm still wearing flip flops, but the other shoes do fit. On the couple of occasions I have walked around the neighborhood, I wore my tennis shoes, but they gave me a blister and made my feet sweaty, so I'm sticking with flip flops.

9. Not panicking when I realize I left the Zantac at home. The last time I took a Zantac I was in the middle of labor. Jay told me if I chewed it up, it would work faster, It was horrible. I'm still wondering if he was serious when he said that. It's hard to assess a possible prank when you're giving birth.

8. No more itching stomach. No more!

7. No more planning around bathroom breaks--at least not for my bathroom breaks. No more!

6. Actually being tired when I am awake at 4:00 a.m. I'm rarely awake at 4:00. Whoever thought of cribs was an idiot. Go, co-sleeping! Rah! Actually, I think I am getting more sleep now than before Alice was born. Either that, or I'm just used to sleep deprivation.

5. Walking for more than ten minutes without having to go to the bathroom. I can do that!

4. Sleeping on my stomach. I'm not sure why I posted this one. Between nursing and co-sleeping, sleeping on my stomach just doesn't work. But a girl can dream.

3. Wearing jewelry again. I haven't tried this yet, mostly because the only jewelry I usually wear is my wedding ring and maybe a necklace. My wedding ring is still on my necklace and even though most of the swelling is gone, I am waiting until we are out of the heat of summer until I try putting it back on my finger, just in case.

2. No more weekly doctor appointments. Just one more appointment!

1. Feeling my hands again. This was a major disappointment. I was thinking that I would have the feeling back within a few hours. It's been five weeks and I still have numbness. Compared to what it was, though, things are much, much better.


Anonymous said...

Alice looks like Jay in this newest picture! RWBGMA

Denise said...

Much improved!

Holly said...

Alice is super cute Jen :)