Thursday, July 9, 2009


Four years ago today we moved into our first (and current) house. Today I started calling realtors to put the house on the market.

We've been decluttering slowly for a while, but we have kicked it into high gear since Alice was born. Last week I finally approached the refrigerator.

Jay and I have a good marriage. We are highly compatible and agree on most things, with two exceptions: eyebrows and refrigerators. He can't understand why I get my eyebrows done, and I think he must have some kind of brain defect if he can't tell how much better they look after a trip to the salon. He likes a nice, bare fridge, and I think all sides should have at least one layer of pictures, receipts, and mementos, all held down with various clips I've won at Jazzercise or magnets I bought on vacation. I got my eyebrows done Tuesday, so we are both winners this week.

There are a few things left for now:
A card I bought myself when Jay was deployed, along with a magnet I just couldn't pass up when I was Christmas shopping for others...

and one of my most favorite pictures ever of my boys. I really need to scan this one in.

I also did some major decluttering on my closet, which contained enough different sizes to qualify as a department store. I realized that if I ever again approach some of those sizes, I deserve all new clothes, so I pulled out a ridiculous number of items to donate. One of the cruel ironies of life is that after nursing a child for fourteen months, you are not rewarded with a small, perky bosom, so if you live in my area, you may want to check out the new influx of tops at the Goodwill on the south side.

Although I'm excited to move back home and I'm enjoying my new spacious closet where (almost) everything fits, I think our house looks a little sad all decluttered. It's like we've been erased from it while we still live here--well, except for the toys spread all over the living room floor and the mounds of baby clothes waiting to be sorted. So now I'm trying to ignore the bareness and concentrate on how nice it will be to clutter up a new house with all of our things (neatly, though, of course, dear) and memories. In the mean time, if you want to buy a house, let me know!


Denise said...

You have been very busy!

Anonymous said...

Kitchenaid makes a ref. with a bottom freezer, and there is a trim kit for the big top door that is corkboard for displaying stuff! The would be a neat and orderly way to solve your decorated ref. door marriage problem! Dea Ann

Manny said...

Are you still Jazzercising, or are those Jazz clips from the past? I'm thinking about starting up again.