Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Family Reunion

At the beginning of July we had a family reunion for my grandma's family. In just her immediate family there were 12 children, so this is a fairly large gathering. This is a horrible picture of me, but most of the others look pretty good and it's my only one. I had a nice time, so I'm not sure why I'm making a face like I'm a character on SpongeBob.

A fairly decent (and accurate) picture of the kids

Alice is not really into meeting new people, especially in crowds, but she had a ball helping me cook for the dinner!

As part of the weekend, we got to tour the house where my grandma was born and grew up. A young family bought it and is fixing it up and they were nice enough to let everyone come see it. I have realized that I am in no way a fixer-upper kind of girl. I am not sure what these people were thinking. They may be wondering the same thing. It was neat to see, though!

Here is my grandma telling a story about hearing rats on the stairs at night. Good times! Maybe someday Jack and Alice will tell their grandchildren about the crazy ants we have each spring!

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Jay said...

"most of the others look pretty good"


About 3/4 of us in that shot look like we were posing for the "funny picture."