Monday, July 11, 2011

The Fourth of July

Our Fourth of July was hot. Alice needed a nap before we even started the festivities!

We went over to Jay's sister's house for swimming. Alice loves the water.

She does not love it when Jay swims to the deep end and leaves her on the steps. It took about two seconds for the tears to start rolling.

Jack has been doing really well with his swimming lessons and paddled along all afternoon without any help. He loves doing cannonballs!

Shannon gave Alice her lemonade in this cup and Alice thought she was Big Stuff.

Later we went over to the neighbors' house for dinner and Kevin loaded up the fireworks. Yes, we really had a wheelbarrow full of fireworks. It was nuts.

At first, the kids were satisfied with poppers. (By the way, my niece, Alex, who is pictured here, was Alice's age when Jay and I started dating. Oh. My.)

They had a good time watching others light things.

We forgot to bring earplugs for Alice and we were worried about how she would do, but she had a great time!

Jack got gutsy and started lighting things himself.

It went well until he burned his face with a punk. He says he thinks he will be safer next year and use a lighter. I'm not so sure about that one!

Alice liked the sparklers and only tried to grab the flame once. My kids scare me a bit.

Watching the big ones!

The grand finale!

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Fun, fun, fun!