Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dog Days

It's hot. When it's still 100 at 10:00 pm, there's not much relief. During this newscast they had a "news" story about two men who like to sit outside because they don't like air conditioning. Why they didn't put these men in a cold, padded room, I don't know, but clearly they are insane.

We did take a little road trip last week. My kids are still young enough and sheltered enough that a trip to a different library is considered a vacation. Jack did notice Frontier City on the way into town, though, so I may need to change my route. After the library, we went over to the splash pad and playground for a bit, and when it got too hot there, we headed to McDonald's, where we spent a great deal of time since it was cool and relatively uncrowded.

We also spent some time at the science museum, where it was much more crowded and the air conditioners didn't seem quite able to keep up. I noticed that the zoo looked like a ghost town.

All in all, it was a nice day, but I think we would have felt a little less run down if the temperature had dropped some--oh, say, below 110?

This week we've stayed close to home. Alice and I were sick last weekend and I still didn't feel too great at the beginning of this week. Alice was grumpy and cried because she couldn't knock down the castle Jack built.

Shrinky dinks!

Jay put blinds up in the kitchen and it is like a completely different room. The view is lovely in the morning, but once the sun comes over the house, the temperature goes up and you have to squint. Now we can eat dinner and actually look at each other. I think Jay may be a little tired of me telling him how much I love them, but really, it's true. I love them.

During all of this crazy heat (which the meteorologists are saying will last for the foreseeable future), we realized that the air conditioner for the living room, school room, and entry way was actually blowing hot air. Seriously. After a few visits from the repairman (who Alice referred to as Guy), we have refreshing cool air blowing again and it feels so good.

Alice seems to be of the opinion that if you act like it's cold, you will feel like it's cold. I don't think she's on to something.

I hope you're staying cool--but please don't tell me about it because it will just make me sad!

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Holly said...

Jen, I just wanted to let you know...I LOVE reading your blog. Seriously, I have been reading it for a couple years...and you consistently make me laugh out loud while reading it. You are one funny girl...and I really appreciate it! You bring joy to my heart, friend :)