Friday, July 29, 2011


So remember how I got that video camera for Christmas? When we had the killdeer in our driveway last month, I decided I would take a video to show how it would run around and screech and act injured. I came inside to get the camera and couldn't find it. For the last month I have looked anywhere it would make sense to have placed a camera along with many places that would make no sense. I had given up and resigned myself to the idea that it must have fallen out of my bag somewhere and I would never see it again and I was going to order a new one when we got back from vacation. (Kind of embarrassing when your word of the year is stewardship.) Tonight, though, I was cleaning out my car trunk and there it was, full of videos like the one above (taken in March, when she started saying her name).

What does this picture have to do with anything? It was taken with my very first digital camera. The first Christmas we were married, Jay surprised me with an awesome Sony Mavica--this was when digital cameras were a much bigger deal and we were a much poorer couple. The following summer I got to go to the Teacher Institute at Colonial Williamsburg, and after a week of many long, hot days and late, humid nights, I dozed off in a cool, dark theater at Yorktown. When I woke up, my camera fell off my lap and would only view pictures, not take them.

I'm so glad this camera story had a happier ending!

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