Saturday, July 23, 2011

Heat Wave

I've lost track of how long the forecast has looked like this. My guess is at least a month.

We've been staying in most of the time, but yesterday I took the kids to the splash pad.

Jack loves this one because of all the different spinners.

I love this one because the water and the playground are together and it's much easier to keep an eye on both kids. One loves the play equipment...

...and the other one prefers the water.

Testing the goggles

Jack did so much spinning he rode home with his head down and asked for a throw-up bowl when we got home. Thankfully he didn't have to use it.

While the kids were cooling off, I was trying to discreetly take pictures of this woman's haircut. I am wanting to get my hair cut off, but I'm scared of looking like Dr. Drew, so I'm trying to have some pictures so that doesn't happen. The heat will drive you to do strange things!

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Anonymous said...

I love your hair in Amy and Erik's wedding. RWBGMA