Sunday, June 2, 2013

Artist Study: Mary Cassatt

 Our last artist study for the school year was on Mary Cassatt.

 In addition to reading the Getting to Know... biography, we really liked this book from the Smart About Art series.

 This is a board book that is pretty much just pictures, so there wasn't any great information, but it was nice to have to show some of her pictures well.

 We used it to look at some examples of how mothers and children could be painted together when we did this project from Art for Small Hands.

 Alice even managed to make hers look faded at the bottom like some of Cassatt's pictures.  I'm sure that was completely intentional and not the result of leaning across her paper.

 We also tried making prints from the project in Discovering Great Artists.

 We probably should have made the paint thicker on the trays, but we were doing this project during the afternoon of May 20 and I was a little distracted and didn't have them re-do it.

 Suzette and the Puppy is a fun fiction story about Mary Cassatt and how the painting on the cover came to be painted.

 When we went to the Crystal Bridges Museum we were excited to find two of Mary Cassatt's pictures!  (I'm not sure what this expression is on Alice's face.)

I really like this one!

When we were at the museum I made note of several different artists I'd like to study next year, so that will probably be the first thing I start planning soon!

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