Friday, June 21, 2013


 We spent part of the first official day of summer at the splash pad, which is kind of like playing Where's Waldo? as you try to check on your kids.

 Tonight when it was almost bedtime I decided to take the kids to Sonic for shakes.  Have you ever tried their Hot Fudge shake?  Oh, my!  It's a good thing I really don't like to go to Sonic or I would be there every night.

 On the way back, Alice said she was cold, so I put all of the windows down a bit.  The kids were so excited that I went ahead and put them all the way down, at which point they started freaking out.  You would have thought we were in a flying car or something.  After four years of riding in Jay's Jeep, I really prefer not to be windblown while I'm driving, but we just might have to do this every so often.

 Between birthdays and computer issues, I've gotten behind on blogging, so here are a few more summer pictures...

 Conquering the monkey bars after face planting in the wood chips

 Catching crawdads at the park

 The chalk art festival

 The kids went to Build A Bear with their birthday money.  Alice was excited to rub the heart and all and put it in the pony.  Jack just wanted to have a stuffed Sponge Bob, but the guy was trying to get him to go through the whole kissing the heart routine, too.  Jack didn't look amused.

 We went to see the Wonder Dogs at the library!

 Alice and Jack both got their reading medals from the summer library program (but Jack never came downstairs for me to take his picture!) and Alice earned her stuffed prairie dog.  Jack should get his soon--he read the second Harry Potter book in four days!

Happy Summer!

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