Monday, September 23, 2013

Date Night in Dallas

 Friday morning we got up super early and did a lot of driving!

 My picture of the Welcome to Texas sign isn't so hot because I was in the very back seat with Alice and it was raining.  So if you can't tell, we were going to Texas.

 One of the most exciting things?  Culver's!  We had one about a mile from our apartment in Omaha and it's a good thing I never tried it the first two years we lived there or I would have been about 400 pounds by the time we moved.  It is just. so. good.

 My mom and dad came with us to watch the kids and Friday night Jay and I went to see Depeche Mode.  I really should have taken some pictures of the route the GPS sent us on to get there, but I didn't.  Let me just tell you that it took us about an hour and we toured much of Dallas--including its not-so-nice areas.

 The concert was at the Gexa Energy Pavilion and we had great seats!

 I enjoyed the concert, but it was really a big thing for Jay.  I had a lot of fun people watching since the woman at the end of our row was carted off at one point and the guy in front of us had Kody's haircut.  (Yes.  I just admitted that I have watched Sister Wives enough to know their names.)  Most of the people looked either fairly normal or like refugees from our junior year of high school.

 My favorite was probably Enjoy the Silence though the yoga ladies kind of creeped me out.

And you can't go wrong with Just Can't Get Enough.  So even though I saw way more of Harry Hines Boulevard than I ever cared to (twice), we had a great time!

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Joelle said...

I was curious if you had posted anything about the DM concert, so I looked. And you had! I went to their concert for Violator - they look MUCH older in your pictures than they did then. That was probably about 20 years ago - I guess they're allowed to age ;) Glad you had a fun time!