Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Legos, Hamster Balls, and Mazes

 We spent much of the day Saturday at Grapevine Mills Mall.  We started off at Legoland.

 Both of the kids had been looking forward to this and really enjoyed it.

 After our balloon encounter a couple of weeks ago, both kids pointed this out to me.

 We also saw our hotel!

 The 4D movie was fun, too--we got sprayed with water!

 The most hysterical part may have been watching Alice drive this police car.  I don't think she's ever driven anything like this before and it showed.

 They had a little ride where you could pedal and make yourself go higher.

 Jack had checked out the website before the trip and saw that you could trade minifigures with workers who had them on their badges, so he was on the lookout for ones he wanted.  He ended up with two that he traded and one of them had a piece he didn't have yet (a chef's hat) so he was pleased.

 He had been saving for a while so he was able to buy two pretty big sets and three minifigures and have some left over, too.

 Alice spent some of her money at the Hello Kitty store--it was hard for her to narrow it down, but she ended up with a multi-colored pen and a notebook.

Both of the kids really loved these hamster balls.  Really I guess they were more like bubbles since you don't usually put your hamster balls in water, but that's what the kids call them.

 They zip you inside this big plastic thing and fill it up with air.

 Then you try to move around the pool.

 We had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.

 Our last stop was the Magic Maze's Emporium.

 We tried the mirror maze, which was the biggest mirror maze I've ever seen.

 We also tried the laser maze.  You have to try to press two buttons and get back to the door without hitting any lasers as quickly as you can.

Everyone outside can see you on a screen, but that didn't stop me from getting down and trying to belly crawl under a laser.  I'm not going to see any of these people again.

Next up:  The rest of the trip!

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Rachel Hough said...

Wow, you had a full weekend, but it looked like a TON of fun! Might be a good idea for the girls during fall break!