Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hearts and Farkles

 As you saw in the back to school post, Alice had an eye appointment on our first day of school.  When she had a vision screening at school, she failed the far vision test, so we took her to get checked out.  Her far vision was bad enough that she needed glasses, so we went last Wednesday and picked up her new specs!

 She picked a pair that has "hearts and farkles" on the sides.  (That would be sparkles, in case you aren't used to Alice's speech.)

All of the sudden she looks like such a big kid!

So far she has done really well with them.  I am hoping that they are pretty tough since she likes to be on the go!


Ami said...

So cute! She does look so grown up. Love that she chose farkles. :)

April said...

adorable. such a happy little girl.

Kendra said...


Just an FYI, Adidas makes kids glasses that have an INCREDIBLE warranty on them. As in, break or loss they will replace them no questions asked. They aren't cheap, but next time we need new ones we're going with Adidas if we can still get them local. Because sitting on glasses kinda, ya know, bends the wimpy metal frames my guy picked. ;)