Saturday, September 7, 2013

The First Two Weeks

 Our first two weeks of school have been busy!  In addition to our trips to the children's museum and the aquarium, we've actually been getting some schoolwork done.  Alice has been doing a unit on Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales (more on that later!) and Jack is studying the human body, history, Oklahoma geography and history, spelling, and math--we'll be adding in a couple more things over the next few weeks.

 Alice got to help with some cooking for school one day!

 Jay had to work the entire Labor Day weekend so we kept with our normal school schedule Monday, but that evening we went to my mom and dad's to eat dinner and play.

 Alice spent most of the time saying she was cold!

 This week we had our first tea time and artist study.  We're learning about Seurat this month!

 We also started PE again this week.  Jack was so happy that they played dodgeball!

This is Jack's third year to be in PE, which means it is Alice's third year to wait through PE--a total of four hours each week.  Thankfully she's usually pretty good about it.  There are other little brothers and sisters to play with and she has a good time.

Next week we will hopefully find out when Alice will be going for speech and then we can finally figure out our weekly routine!


Kendra said...

I would LOVE to hear how you do your Artist tea times ;)

Rachel Hough said...

How fun! We miss you guys! My girls need some Jack and Alice time. THey have asked every couple of days!