Friday, September 13, 2013

Spiro Mounds

 Today we took a little field trip.  (Cue traditional road trip picture.)

 Our destination?  The Spiro Mounds Archaeological Center in eastern Oklahoma.

 They have an interpretive center with many items from the mounds.

 Jack's favorite was this armadillo cup.

 They had several stations with information about the mounds and the Spiro people.  It was interesting enough that Jack read it all!

 Grinding corn

 Alice used it like a tiny sand box!

 Inside there is a large model of the site with the trails and mounds--I labeled them so I would remember.  (Though as you can tell by my labels, I have already forgotten some details!)

 The kids were running when we started the trails.  By the end they were all hot and tired and dragging.  We reminded them that it was not nearly as hot as it was when we went to Quartz Mountain.

 The scenery was beautiful!

 They have a replica of a house on one of the trails.

 Some of the mounds are just small bumps.

 Others are really big.  We were able to walk across this one.

 After lunch Alice found what looked like a piece of an old antenna.  She told me it was "old, old, old" and was probably something a "leader person" used.

We had a great time!


Rachel Hough said...

Wow! I've thought about taking the girls there, now, I'm definitely going to do it through Fall Break. It is in Nan's fifth grade curriculum and Em's Oklahoma history.

Maybe we will find some old old old stuff too!

Kendra said...

LOL, do you use a pointer when you teach them? ;)

Danielle said...

I keep meaning to take the boys! I went when I was young and loved it! The things that has stuck with me is grinding the corn! Glad they still have it!

Danielle Huddleston said...

I thought I would let you know I am stalking your blog right now. I am looking for field trips I might want to go on! You guys go on so many! I love it!