Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Aquarium Time!

 Our free tickets to the aquarium expire this week, so we headed across the river for our annual visit.

 I have a hard time taking good pictures at the aquarium because it seems like there's always a glare or a reflection, but I was able to get a decent shot of the little octopus without me in the background.

 Alice loved the Amazon exhibit!

 We were able to see the workers feed several of the animals.  This is an electric eel eating shrimp.  There is a voltage meter in the tank and whenever he ate, it got really loud.

 They put krill on the side of the tank and these archer fish would shoot it down with water.

 The kids tried feeding some turtles.

 They gave them carrot peelings with a clothespin and sometimes the turtles would bite the clothespin and get pulled along with it!

 I really like watching the turtles.  These two kept trying to make it up the waterfall.

 Feeding time for the beavers!

 And of course, you have to see the sharks!

We also always get a picture in the photo booth!

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Danielle Huddleston said...

I have been thinking about the aquarium recently. Staring at fish is a nice way to relax, of course my boys do not really want to sit and relax...