Monday, September 22, 2014


Last weekend a dog showed up at our house and the kids were attached within five minutes.  Tuesday night I posted this picture on Facebook to see if anyone wanted a dog, and people started commenting that we should keep it.  Highly amusing, since we're about to put our house on the market and move into town--with a stay in an apartment in between.  And the fact that we are. not. dog. people.

 There weren't any takers, so much to the chagrin of my children, I started calling shelters.  In the mean time, the dog (which we started calling Hobo) and Boris met through the window with no real drama.  And after I had talked to two shelters that had no room and was waiting to hear back from another one, Jay called and asked what I thought about the possibility of keeping him.  That's probably the most surprised I've ever been.
 After a couple of days of thinking it over, we told the kids on Friday night that we would keep him.  Our neighbors have been so nice to let him stay in one of their extra kennels while we're not out with him and have even taken down part of their fence so the kids can go back and forth easily.  This is really nice since we're on a busy road and don't have a fence around our yard!

 He's been sleeping in the shed at night and does a good job of not barking or tearing the place up.

 We're slowly getting used to the idea that we have a dog.  As I told my friend, it's kind of like waking up and finding out the sky is actually purple.  This is just so weird.

This morning the kids and I took him to the vet and he is not microchipped, so he's officially ours!

Welcome to the family, Hobo!


Rachel said...

yeah, Yeah, YeAH!!! Can't wait to meet Hobo sometime soon! I love that you've found your bit of purple sky. I think you're going to love having a dog!

Brandy Taylor said...

Hobo is sooooooo cute!!!!!!! So glad he is liking the shed!!!