Friday, September 5, 2014

The First Week

 We made it through our first week of school!  We celebrated Waffle Week at breakfast!

 After our busy first day, we actually got to stay home all day on Wednesday and it was perfect.  I am all about the margin and really hoping and planning for some this year.  We read and played outside in the morning before it got too hot!

 We even made a tie-dye cake!

 Thursday we went to do some paperwork and errands and got to have lunch out with Jay.  (None of which you can tell by this picture, but we did take this at the restaurant.  Trust me.)

 Today we went to see the Monet exhibit at Philbrook.

 A nice guard turned the floor on for us!

After some (really hot) play time at the arboretum, we headed to Joe Momma's for lunch.  The kids thought it was awesome to make shadows on the screen.  When you eat lunch at 2:30 and no one else is there, you get to do that kind of thing.

We're hoping to have our house ready to put on the market in about a week, so I imagine next week is going to get a little crazier!

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